About Us

Innerpeace© Sheets, the sheet people have gone solar!   In 2012, we installed a solar farm (panel array) on the roof of our Lawrence, Massachusetts plant and we are now utilizing 100% solar generated energy to power the manufacture of Innerpeace© Sheets and textile products.  Over 50,000 square feet of solar panels provide us with enough electrical power to run our entire building.  Currently, we are utilizing only 35% of the total amount of electrical energy capacity generated. Over 50% of the “excess” energy is fed directly back to the power grid; providing heat and light to dozens of neighboring homes and businesses. 

In synergy with our customers we are committed to providing products that are natural, environmentally friendly and proudly Made in the USA.   We strive to provide superior products to meet the high standards professional therapist demand.  For more than thirty years we have committed to the following principles:

Products are manufactured using 100% cotton flannel from domestic sources

All of our products are made by our dedicated and talented staff in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Committed to quality products that carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee

           The relocation of our manufacturing and shipping operations from New Hampshire to Massachusetts in the summer/fall of 2012 was highly successful. We appreciate all of the support of our loyal customers during this transition. 

New for 2013…Innerpeace© Sheets is open 24/7/365 with our new On Line Shopping feature.  You can place your order directly online for immediate shipment.